How To Start A Blog

There are many, many guides and resources available to help one get started blogging. However, most fall well short of the mark when it comes to ensuring actual success.

That's why I created, "How To Start A Blog: The Ultimate Guide."

Rather than simply walk you through installing WordPress or tell you how much money you can make blogging about your passions, I present a thorough, researched approach to starting a blog that's based on years of experience.

New Twitter App Update

Twitter released an update for their iPhone only app today. The release states:

The latest version of Twitter offers a faster, simpler way to stay close to everything you care about on your iPhone.

Home is where you start from: a personal collection of Tweets from the sources you care about. The Tweet details show rich information such as replies, retweets and embedded images.

Getting an iPhone4S, Part 1

While I obviously wanted an iPhone 4S the moment they were released, my wife and I decided to wait until after Thanksgiving for budget reasons. We have a credit card through Best Buy which ends up giving us double rewards points, and knowing that we were going to get two iPhone 4S units, that would net us over 800 points.

First OTA Update

Earlier today, Apple released an update to iOS 5. The update addresses the battery life issue that iPhone 4S users had reported along with a few other fixes. What makes the update significant though is the fact that this is the first Over The Air (OTA) update. That means that this update can be applied from anywhere you have a WiFi connection.

Simply go to Settings -> General -> Software Update. The update is about 32mb and will take a few minutes to download and install, and requires a device restart.

Blogger+ app update

There's an update to the Blogger+ app. It mainly addresses an issue where the app would crash when trying to adjust the image size settings.

I use Blogger+ because it works perfectly with my Drupal sites. I am able to set up accounts for both my personal blog here and my professional blog at

It is even capable of using unique content types. When setting up your blog account just change the blog type to the name of the content type you want to use.

EA Tip: Comment Notifications

One of our top recommendations for power EA play is to participate in the discussion communities. You will make new connections and learn valuable information. However, when you create a post or leave a comment, it's not always easy to see other comments from other users. You will get a notification in game that someone posted a reply but there's no text. You can either click the link or take the time to revisit your old posts to look for comments.

EA Activity Tips

If you're going to be successful on Empire Avenue, one of the things you have to do is make sure that you're active on your social media platforms and blogs. Fortunately, the things that will make you successful on EA will also help you and your business. Here are some ideas:

Empire Avenue

If you've never heard of it, Empire Avenue is a website where you join, create an account, and you pretend to be a company. Other members will buy and sell shares of stock in your company, and you will do the same to them. Your share prices rises nd falls depending on how your sales go, just like in the real world.

Bringing my iPhone back to life

Over the past few months, I've been dealing with an extremely frustrating issue. My iPhone would say that it had 50%, 75% or even 90% battery life left. Yet, sometimes when I would open an app, the iPhone screen would go black. If I would press the wake button, an empty charging battery would come onto the screen indicating that my battery was dead and needed to be charged. Generally, after a few minutes of trying, I would be able to get the phone to start again and it would clearly state that I still had significant battery life remaining.

Does Google want me to use Internet Explorer?

I feel like Google is forcing me to use Internet Explorer and a PC. I'm working on a MacBook and I use Firefox as my primary browser. Because of the nature of my work, I prefer my main browser to be uncluttered with toolbars. When I was on a PC, I used Internet Explorer as a secondary browser and had a number of toolbars installed, including the Google Toolbar.