Does Google want me to use Internet Explorer?

I feel like Google is forcing me to use Internet Explorer and a PC. I'm working on a MacBook and I use Firefox as my primary browser. Because of the nature of my work, I prefer my main browser to be uncluttered with toolbars. When I was on a PC, I used Internet Explorer as a secondary browser and had a number of toolbars installed, including the Google Toolbar.

Now that I'm on a Mac, I cannot use Internet Explorer. That's OK though, right? Lots of other browsers to choose from. MacOS comes with their own browser, Safari, which is pretty good. And, gee, doesn't Google have a browser of their own? Oh yeah! It's called Chrome.

Google Toolbar only works on Internet Explorer and Firefox.

That's right, Google's toolbar will not install on their own browser. It doesn't support Safari or any of the other browsers out there (i.e. Opera). In fact, it doesn't even support the latest versions of Firefox. Google Toolbar will only install on Firefox 2.x - 4.x and Firefox is currently at version 7.

This seems like a colossal failure on Google if they expect people to use their toolbar.

Personally, it had a lot of great features (which I can't name for you since I can't reference it), but one in particular that was invaluable to me as a web designer and consultant was the PageRank button. PageRank is Google's score for a website based on complicated algorithms, ranging from 0 for a new site up to 10 for sites like, well, Google. This button was awesome because I could simply navigate to a site and the button would instantly tell me that site's current PageRank. There are other ways to find this information, but none as convenient.

Unfortunately, I expect that the Google Toolbar will end up eventually being discarded like so many other Google initiatives.