EA Activity Tips

If you're going to be successful on Empire Avenue, one of the things you have to do is make sure that you're active on your social media platforms and blogs. Fortunately, the things that will make you successful on EA will also help you and your business. Here are some ideas:

  • Schedule Blog posts in advance. Most people don't have an hour or two a day to write a good blog post. You can, however, write a post or two when you have time and set them to be published at a future date. This is also a good idea to help you keep your blog posting on a regular schedule.
  • Use a MicroBlog. A MicroBlog is where you publish brief entries more frequently. Common examples include Tips, Tricks, FAQs or Quotes. You can see an example of a MicroBlog at http://www.stadiastudio.com/tip/social-media-tips
  • Use HootSuite to automatically share your blog posts. HootSuite can take your blog posts and push them out to Facebook, Facebook Pages, Twitter, LinkedIn, FourSquare, MySpace and WordPress. All you have to do is write the post, and let HootSuite do the rest.
  • Use HootSuite to schedule social media posts in advance. You can upload a spreadsheet and have regular posts scheduled for days or even weeks in advance. Once you have a healthy amount of blog posts and articles to share, it's a great idea to get them in a schedule and let HootSuite regularly re-post and re-share the links. Change the titles up a bit to have greater appeal.
  • Use InstaGram to post to multiple platforms. InstaGram is a photo editing and sharing network. Using your iPhone, you can take a picture or choose a picture from your library and edit it. InstaGram comes with many cool filters and effects. Once finished, you can post the image not only to InstaGram, but also to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, FourSquare and Tumbl. We don't recommend posting the same content to all your networks all the time, but posting the same content some of the time is fine and will double up your activity result for that one action.