Getting an iPhone4S, Part 1

While I obviously wanted an iPhone 4S the moment they were released, my wife and I decided to wait until after Thanksgiving for budget reasons. We have a credit card through Best Buy which ends up giving us double rewards points, and knowing that we were going to get two iPhone 4S units, that would net us over 800 points.

We went to our closest Best Buy on Sunday, Nov. 27th only to find that they were completely sold out of iPhone 4S units in the 16 and 32GB models. Only the 64GB model was available, and since we don't need to store our entire music libraries on the phones thanks to iCloud and home sharing, it wasn't worth the added expense.

I went online and found that nearly every Best Buy in the greater St. Louis region is sold out of the black and white iPhone 4S 16GB models. Saddness.

So, for now, we will wait a few days and see if inventory is replenished this week and go from there. Hopefully, my next post will be about my buying and upgrading experience.

For reference, I currently have an iPhone 3GS that I got in May, 2010 with a new AT&T agreement. My wife has a white iPhone 3GS that is on her parents plan which we will move to my plan with my new 2 year agreement.