How To Start A Blog

There are many, many guides and resources available to help one get started blogging. However, most fall well short of the mark when it comes to ensuring actual success.

That's why I created, "How To Start A Blog: The Ultimate Guide."

Rather than simply walk you through installing WordPress or tell you how much money you can make blogging about your passions, I present a thorough, researched approach to starting a blog that's based on years of experience.

You see, I've been blogging for over a decade. I've written over a thousand articles, and have been published and recognized by my peers and colleagues.

In fact, Jeff Sieh, noted Visual Marketing Expert, dubbed me "The Blogging Brute" due to my ability to not only publish rapidly, but also maintain a high level of quality and value.

To this guide helps you to:

  • Determine who you're writing for
  • Determine what you're writing about
  • Get your blog hosted and set up
  • Write that first blog post
  • Come up with ideas for more blog posts
  • Promote blog posts after publication
  • Build your blog audience
  • Make money from your blog

So head over to "How To Start A Blog: The Ultimate Guide" and get started in the right direction for your blog.